Collection: Phantom Quartz

Properties and uses of phantom quartz

This quartz, as can be guessed from the name, has truly incredible mystical properties.

  • Contact with past lives:

Phantom quartz is used by holistic therapists to get in touch with past lives, it favors entering other internal dimensions which leads to being able to contact past existences generally in order to clear up doubts or discover great secrets.

  • healing rituals

Other of the uses that are given to ghost quartz , is that of many shamans who use it as part of a healing ritual, for the transformation and evolution of spirits and souls of people.

  • Helps develop clairvoyant abilities:

Many people are born with clairvoyant gifts but probably have not been able to discover them because they have not been able to develop those gifts. What phantom quartz does is enhance those abilities that the person already has so that they can begin to see things from other planes.

More about ghost quartz:

  • Helps promote meditation and concentration
  • Its main deposit is in Brazil
  • Your chakra is the crown
  • His zodiac sign is Aries, Virgo and Capricorn.